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Our staff have been installing and maintaining Workforce Management Solutions for over 20 years in a wide range of organisations including manufacturing, food processing, NHS, hospitaility and care homes.


Over 1000 clients have been satisfied including 250+ physical installations of Time & Attendance or Access Control.


Our mission is to provide sustainable solutions that satisfy the clients needs both today and into the future. We only distribute solutions that have been proven to deliver reliablity in service.

Technical Support is a key consideration for purchasers as when issues arise prompt response may be critical. Our support team understands the need to resolve any raised  matters as quickly and efficiently as possible.


With the advent of cloud based personal apps many traditional desktop solutions are also moving to the Cloud ecosystem. Zenith offer ZenithWFM Cloud that provides T&A, Access Control, Job-Costing, Document Management, and Cost Centre tracking.

Whether your needs are for simply a time clock, a comprehensive Time & Attendance solution or Access Control please call or fill out the contact page and we will assist with helpful and experienced advice.