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Access Control


Security within the workplace is essential in ensuring that staff are safe from intruders, members of the public are denied access to staff only areas or where restrictions apply. Stock is kept secure and Intellectual property rights are protected from theft or copying. Food manufacturing plants need to assure their supermarket clients that strict controlled access to the production areas is maintained to avoid possible malicious food contamination.


Open to All'comers – Not anymore!


Access control can be as simple as a digital keypad or as sophisticated as a biometric fingerprint PC controlled solution. PC networked solutions offer ease of use, reporting and easy credentials management.

Access Control RFID Door User

Restrict Access by Door, Time, Date and by Anti-Passback

Ability to Track Movements

Can Provide an Emergency Evacuation Report

In an Emergency Doors, Gates or Barriers May be Opened Automatically

Workforce Hours by Timesheet Reporting

Allows for Unattended Reception Areas

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Control Access to Areas by Means of Physically Locked Doors/Barriers

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Primary Benefits of Access Control