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Analogue Clocks


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Comprehensive Range of Analogue Clocks


Zenith Workforce Solutions Ltd offers a range analogue clocks in various sizes, finishes, IP ratings and communication methods.


Single and double face clocks are available for both indoor and outdoor locations.


Please let us advise you on the most suitable product to meet your needs from our range of available appliances.


Contact us to discuss your time display requirements further.

The Standard version of HANDI® analogue clock range is composed of a flat aluminum case, a white dial with black Arabic numerals and hands, ensuring easy visibility.


In many fields of application, the quality of HANDI® analogue clocks has become reference in terms of accuracy, visibility and robustness.


Analogue clocks are valued for easy reading of time from a quick glance. It allows the users to have a visual position relative to the time.


To meet requirements of its clients, Gorgy Timing analogue clock range comes in different versions. Special and customized models can also be provided upon request.


Clock face sizes available from 230 - 570mm dia. The largest clock allows viewing from up to 80m distance.


The HANDI® TGV was specially designed for the French railway company SNCF and these clocks will be seen at many railway stations across the country. This design is available to clients but are a special order.


WiFi clocks can significantly reduce installation costs and time.

WiFi specified clocks may be easily configured using an android tablet and the GT Network Manager Mobile app.


Many communication methods are availale as listed below. Note that the HANDI® TGV is limited to AFNOR and DCF.






Analogue Clocks

HANDI® Brochure SNCF_ 3 Clock Platform Handi Analogue Clock - Silver Analogue Clock - Black

Power Supply Options:


 •  110 - 240v AC

 •  Lithium Battery (5 Year)

 •  PoE

 •  12-24VDC


Synchronisation Interfaces:


  •  AFNOR NFS 87500/IRIG B

  •  DCF (Europe)

  •  NTP Ethernet 10/100 base T

  •  DHW 869.525 MHz

  •  WiFi (IEEE 802.11 B/G standard)

  •  ASCII RS485

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