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Biometric Time & Attendance

Organisations may wish to implement a biometric method of recording their staff movements as it affords positive identification and eliminates 'buddy clocking' practices. There is no need for an RFID card in most circumstances and this provides additional savings.


Biometric devices have become increasingly popular with users particularly as the quality of the fingerprint sensors and associated algorithms has improved significantly in recent years. Alternatives to fingerprint recogition include face and palm technology.


'Buddy Clocking' – Consigned to History!


'Buddy Clocking' is likely to be the most serious form of payroll fraud perpetrated by staff and this is entirely eliminated with biometric readers. Organisations may also have statutory obligations to ensure that specific staff or students are attending which can be proven with biometric registration.

Positive Identification of User

No Need for Cards or Fobs

Different Technologies to Suit Cultural or Specific Needs

Multiple Fingers May be Enrolled

Reliable and Robust Readers

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Features and Benefits of Biometric Readers

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