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BSB Progeny based in Blackburn have been producing access control systems for over 30 years. Their systems are installed in schools, government buildings, offices and factories throughout the UK.


Easy to use software and extremely reliable hardware backed up up with 'Lifetime Warranty'

provides a compelling solution.


With the recent addition of the 4850 Fingerprint biometric readers with 'gesture control' BSB has produced the most competitive Biometric Access Control solution currently available from a British manufacturer.


Zenith Workforce Ltd has been installing BSB Progeny products since 1995 with experience in P1 through to P4 systems.

Reader range includes HiD, iClass, Fingerprint Biometric, Magstripe & Barcode

Doors Interlock as Standard

Free Doors Enterprise Software with Unlimited Clients

Real Time Event Reporting

Workforce Hours by Timesheet Reporting

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One and Two Door Controllers with IP, GPRS, USB and RS485 Connectivity

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Progeny - The Advantage



BSB Progeny BSB Reader in Use BSB P4 Board P2 Schematic