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Superb Range of Digital Clocks


Zenith Workforce Solutions Ltd offers a range digital clocks, calendars and world clocks in various sizes, finishes, IP ratings and communication methods.


Single and double face clocks are available for both indoor and outdoor locations.


Please let us advise you on the most suitable product to meet your needs from our range of available appliances.


Contact us to discuss your time display requirements further.

The Gorgy range of professional multi-function digital clocks are a proven design with patented features, durability and excellent aesthetic design. Optional WiFi interface can reduce installation and confuration costs.


These devices are ideally suited for use in time critical applications such as control rooms, laboratories, hospital facilities, production, process, educational establishments, offices and reception areas and transportation systems.


To meet requirements of its clients, the Gorgy Timing digital clock range is available in a number of different designs and finishes. Special and customized models can also be provided upon request.


Digit sizes from 14 to 160mm. The largest clock allows viewing from up to 80m distance.


WiFi specified clocks may be easily configured using an android tablet and the GT Network Manager Mobile app.


Many communication methods are availale as listed below.






Digital Clocks

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Power Supply Options:


 •  110 - 240v AC

 •  Lithium Battery (5 Year)

 •  PoE

 •  12-24VDC


Synchronisation Interfaces:


  •  AFNOR NFS 87500/IRIG B

  •  DCF (Europe)

  •  NTP Ethernet 10/100 base T

  •  DHW 869.525 MHz

  •  WiFi (IEEE 802.11 B/G standard)

  •  ASCII RS485

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