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Facescan Biometric Terminals

Facescan biometric technology offers an alternative method of user identification  where for operational or cultural reasons fingerprint biometric may not be accepted or provide the ease of use required. The twin cameras allow the terminal processor to build a 3D template of the face which is translated into a algorithm containing specific points of measurement. These system work even when glasses are worn, beards are grown or hair length changes. Some terminals offer both facescanning and fingerprint biometrics in one compact unit.


'Look no Hands'


Just a face is required to register a clocking or access control trasaction.

uFACE 401/402 Brochure VF380 Brochure

Economic Solution with Terminals Avaliable for Less than £450

Simple Enrolment Process with Camera Image of Face Shown on Screen

Operates in Identification Mode - No Card or ID Number Required

Hands Free Operation

Up to 700 Faces, 3000 Finger Templates and 100,000 Transactions per Terminal

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Facescan Biometric Features:

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Many System Options Including Internal RFID Reader, Battery Backup & WIFI

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