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Handscan Biometric Terminals

Handscan biometric reader technology from Schlage provides a very reliable means of identification where it is deemed that other technolgies may be affected by site conditions such as dust and oils or where the employee may have frequent cuts or plasters on their fingers.

Each biometric technology has its own unique advantages; therefore, not one biometric technology fits all applications. Applying the right technology is the key to success. That is why Zenith Workforce Solutions Ltd offers a range of products designed to meet your needs for access control, time and attendance or identity verification.


HandPunch Reader - Hand Geometry Technology


Schlage biometric HandPunch Readers simultaneously analyse more than 31,000 points and instantaneously records more than 90 separate measurements of an individual's hand-including length, width, thickness and surface area to verify that the person using the device is really who he or she claims to be. The HandPunch compares this information with a 'template' of the individual's hand that has previously been stored in the reader, on a server or on a card. Once the person has been identified as a valid user, a door can be opened, access can be provided, or time recorded. The reading and verification process takes less than a second with impeccable reliability.


 •  High volume, high throughput openings

 •  High security environments

 •  High user acceptance

 •  Non-intrusive technology

Extremely Reliable Verification Process.

May be Used for Employee Clocking or Access Control.

Operates in Verification Mode - Card or ID number Required.

Longevity in Service.

Up to 512 Hands may be Stored per Terminal.

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Hand Scan Biometric Features:

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Either Hand may be Used.

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