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Job Costing

Measuring performance and activity on the shop floor is critical in any manufacturing environment. Without access to accurately recorded production data managers will not be able to properly assess workplace performance, task progress, downtime and schedule deliverability.


Many machines today are computer controlled or have PLC's that can record manufacturing and down time, items produced and operator details. The information gained is often uploaded to an ERP solution or spreadsheets for analysis and reporting.


Job data captured at point of activity reduces administration costs through removing the need to use and process job recording timesheets. Data capture may be performed by various methods either singularly or in combination including; hand held barcode/rfid scanners, fixed mounted data capture terminals or pc terminals.

Data Collection Terminals

AutoID Data Collection for improved data collection processes

Identify Time Budget Issues Earlier

Analyse Time & Cost Expenditure, Workplace and Employee Performance

Determine Actual Costs against Budget for Contracts/Jobs

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Job Costing Benefits

Accurate and Up to Date Information Recorded

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Our job costing solutions allow for the contemporaneous collection of job data performed by operators from a variety of devices to our application software for analysis and reporting.


If necessary ERP applications can be updated through the export of  collected data from the Job Costing system.

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