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ZenithWFM Web Mobile Worker App

As industries globalise there is a growing number of mobile workers who's place of work is away from their employers premises. Service engineers, installation technicians, nursing staff, and cleaners all need to account for their worktime. Using the Mobile Worker App employers can collect the necessary clocking data for prompt and accurate payroll production.

The Mobile Worker App is a excellent tool for company mobiles, as companies expand and employees regularly move between sites it can be difficult to monitor their performance with T&A software alone. The Mobile Worker App performs the action of recording via a smart phone or tablet and communicates directly with the ZenithWFM time and attendance cloud software.


The Mobile Worker is available for both iOS (iPhone) and Android operating systems. No special infrastructure is required, and the system operates independently of the cellular provider, simply download the app and login and you will be able to record activity, expenses and control absence management.

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Upload and Store Documents on the Cloud including photographs.

Ability to Run Reports

Tracking of Employee Working Hours

Booking and Managing of Employee Absences

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Primary Features of The Mobile Worker App

Monitoring of Employee Expenses

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Location Based Employee Clocking


Restrict an employee so they may only clock within a chosen range of the selected clocking terminals. This could be 5m or 500m, the user able to select the exact range.

Reporting of Tasks in Real Time


Create and download reports in real time, immediate tracking of completed tasks and activities.

Managing Absence Requests


Give employees the ability to request absences whilst on the road and managers the ability to manage requested absences.

Track Employee Expenses


Allow employees to book expenses onto the system and the ability to store any documentaion or photographs of receipts. All of which can be monitored via the ZenithWFM cloud system.


Geolocation Recorded with Booking, Proximity Control to Ensure Staff at Required Location.

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