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PalmScan Biometric Terminals

Palm scan biometric technology has recently been introduced by ZK Teco and this technology provides an alternative method of user identification where other technologies may be deemed to be unsuitable. The camera captures a palmprint that is analysed and processeed by an algorithm to produce a coded template.   Multi biometric capability terminals are available that provide for Palm/Face, Palm/Finger and Palm/Face /Finger.


'Show of Hands'


Just a hand is required to register a clocking or access control transaction.

P160 Brochure P200-P260 Brochure

Economic Solution with Terminals Avaliable for Less than £500

Simple Enrolment Process with Camera Image of Palm Shown on Screen

Operates in Verification Mode - Very Fast  

Intuitive Operation and Aethestically pleasing Design

Up to 600 Palms, 3000 Finger Templates, 10,000 ID Cards and 100,000 Transactions per Terminal

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Palmscan Biometric Features:

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Options Including PoE, Internal RFID Reader, Battery Backup & WIFI

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Stable Operation under Strong Light Source

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