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Whether it be securing your premises to protect life and property or maximising the utility and minimizing the cost of your vital labour resource Zenith Workforce Solutions Ltd have solutions to match your requirements.


Zenith Workforce Solutions Ltd specialise in providing Workforce Management Solutions; Time & Attendance, Access Control, Job-Costing, Time Recorders and Synchronised

Analogue / Digital Clocks.


Organisations have differing needs and priorities and at Zenith Workforce Solutions Ltd we offer alternative solutions in each of our product groups.


Our software solutions are predominantly MS SQL and .Net technology based applications. Software as a Service 'SaaS' is now the most popular means of delivering Time & Attendance; becoming a mainstream method of serving up applications particularly where infrastructure availablity is limited or short project times are essential.


We supply both on premise and Cloud based solutions, so we will always have a solution that meets your requirements.

Our Solutions

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