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ZenithTIME Job Costing

ZenithTIME.Net Job Costing enables you to evaluate, at any given time, work hour utilization per job/contract as well as determine employee activity to ensure that the company maintains its productivity objectives.


Job data capture at point of activity reduces administration costs through removing the need to use and process job recording timesheets. Data capture may be performed by various methods either singularly or in combination including; hand held barcode/rfid scanners, fixed mounted data capture terminals or pc terminals.  


ZenithTIME.Net Job Costing allocates, collects, analyzes, and calculates work hours by Contract/Job for the purpose of cost calculation and transfer to the payroll or ERP system.


The system calculates costs based on attendance and allows comparison between planned and actual.

Track job progress hours


Managers are able to keep track of hours spent on task or job enabling early warning of issues and taking corrective action to stay within budget.

Reduction in administrative tasks


By automating the data collection previously performed manually by using electronic clocks, hand held scanners or pc's the task of data entry is streamlined and efficient.

Reports and analyses


Detailed reporting on all aspects of attendance, absence and overtime.

Data Collection via Shop Floor Terminals, On screen, Hand held readers and scanners

Increase Job Cost Accuracy with Detailed Up to Date Information

Analyse Time & Cost Expenditure by Contract, Customer, Employee or Job

Determine Actual Costs against Budget for Contracts/Jobs

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Primary Features of ZenithTIME.Net Job Costing

Integrated Job Costing Module For Analysing Hours & Actual Labour Costs Across Jobs

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