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ZenithWFM Web Job Costing

ZenithWFM Web Job Costing module enables you to evaluate, at any given time, work hour utilization per task/project at the organization, department, or employee level, and to ensure that the company maintains its profitability objectives.

Track Job/Task Hours


Managers are able to keep track of hours spent on task or job enabling early warning of issues and taking corrective action to stay within budget.

Real Time Data Collection  


With staff booking their activities through data collection terminals instead of time sheets managers have an ability to answer queries such as who is working on what task, who is not assigned to a task, total hours expended per task.



Reports available provide detailed or summary information by employee or task. Charge or Cost rates may be  applied and compared to a budgetary allowance for monitoring.

job costing3 Assembly Line By Activity - Detailed By Activity - Employee Summary Estimated vs Actual

Reporting by Employee or Task in Summary or Detailed mode

Track Activity Hours and Costs against Budget

Real Time Update from Data Collection Terminals

Easy to Use Browser for Queries & Editing

Activity Reporting with Output to PDF or Excel

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Benefits of ZenithWFM Cloud Job Costing

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