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Time & Attendance



Organizations of all types and sizes use computerised Time and Attendance systems to record when employees, contract or agency staff are attending for work. Tracking and monitoring absenteeism is also of paramount importance including holidays, sick leave, maternity, unauthorised absences, jury duty and many other reasons of absence. All attendance, absences, work time infringements and overtime are easily managed within a comprehensive T&A solution.


Optimising the use of available staff through scheduling can bring significant savings to any organsation.


Zenith Workforce Solutions Ltd offers two distinct forms of T&A solution; ZenithTIME.Net a traditional desktop windows application and ZenithWFM 'SaaS' Cloud hosted web browser service. Cloud T&A offers many key advantages over traditional desktop solutions including 'Any Device, Anywhere Access', zero footprint installation and simple client IT infrastructure requirements.


Manual Processes – A thing of the past!


An automated system reduces the risk of errors that are common in a manual system, and allows the workforce to be more productive instead of wasting time on tedious administrative tasks.


Full Control of Employees Working Hours


Reduce Over-Payments, Under-Payments, Deviation from Company Pay Policy


Manual Processes and Back Office Costs Reduced


Monitor Labour Law Compliance, including the 'Working Time Directive'


Reduce Payroll Fraud and Time Loss


Reduction in Employee Payroll Disputes and Queries

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Primary Benefits of Time & Attendance

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