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Zenith Workforce Solutions Ltd offers both non-calculating and calculating Time Recorders from the worlds leading manufacturers MAX, Seiko Precision and Amano.


These appliances are used any workplace where employee work hours must be recorded.


A variety of clock cards are supported for Weekly, Bi-weekly and Monthly recording. As well as both calculating and non-calculating options.


Let us advise you on the most suitable product to meet your needs from our range of available appliances.


Contact us to discuss your time recording requirements further.

Amano BX1600 nobkg SeikoPrecsion QR-395

Amano BX1600

Seiko QR395

MAX ER-1600

The Seiko QR395 is one of the latest high quality time recorder products, with an emphasis on being both highly accurate and reliable. The clock is both easy to configure as well as being easy to use, the 395 is ideal for time recording when you have 100 staff or less and require the hours worked to be printed on the time card. A higly dependable calculating clock suitable for most small businesses, with automatic printing and the ability to highlight lateness the QR395 saves both time and money.


- Clear LCD Backlit Digital Display

- Prints up to 4 Columns

- Full Calculation for 100 Employees

The BX1600 is a fully electronic compact time recorder with a lockable strong synthetic housing. It's easy to use and program, and has a compact construction that is ideal for most working environments. With an easy to read digital clock face and silent time adjustment cpabilities the BX1600 is a great all round non-calculating time recorder perfect for when space is at a premium.


- Prints up to 6 Columns

- Highly Accurate Quartz clock

- Compact Ergonomic Shape With secure locking mecahinsm

The MAX ER-1600 is the entry level compact time recorder from the MAX range, with an emphasis on being small and easy to use the ER-1600 is ideal for the small business. With an oboard capacity of 150 employees and the ability to calculate 50 employee records the ER-1600 offers high end features at a fraction of the cost all within a compact package. With an easy to read display and both wall and desktop mounting options the ER-1600 is a quick and simple solution for a business.


- Up to 4 In/Out Columns

- Fully Automatic Without Any Need for Key Operation

- Compact Design with Variety of Mounting Options

Calculating Time Recorders

Non-Calculating Time Recorders

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