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Rack or enclosure Master clock with built-in programmer unit to control slave clocks via impulse (minute or half-minute), AFNOR NFS 87500/IRIG B 1000Hz Time code or RS232/422/485 output.

Time input synchronisation via DCF, Inter France, GPS, AFNOR NFS87500/IRIG B and ASCII.


Automatic and programmable Daylight Saving Time.

RADIO TIMING® 4000 Time Center is a compact modular system allowing a choice of modules to meet demanding needs including multiple time input bases, power supplies and outputs.

This redundancy configuration ensures a high security level and a perfect synchronization of computer network.

The configuration and the supervision of all modules of RT4000 can be made remotely via HTTPS or SNMP.

High Accuracy secure time Server with triple synchronization redundant inputs and with multiple synchronization outputs. Choice of three quartz oscillators to suit requirements of user. Backup power as standard.

High accuracy time server, delivering multiple time codes. Choice of two oscillators and four synchronisation inputs: DCF, NTP Ethernet, GPS - Accuracy 100 ns. and AFNOR NFS 87500 / IRIG B.

Supports NTP V4 / IPV6 / SNMP

RT9s master clock ensures synchronization of clocks and computer network.

NTP Time Server. TCXO oscillator temperature compensated quartz. Accuracy of time base approx. 0.1 sec / day from 0° to 40°C. Choice of synchronization inputs and outputs.

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Accurate & Dependable Time Servers


Some installations require demanding time security and availability such as bank trading floors, broadcast stations, energy distribution and security forces. In order to meet these specific constraints, Gorgy Time have designed and manufacture time stations and time servers with redundancy, operating 24/7 with "hot plug" capability: racks can be changed "on the spot" without shutting down the installation.


Zenith also offer less sophisticated time servers and time stations which have functionality that efficiently meets the needs of less demanding situations.


Please let us advise you on the most suitable product to meet your needs from our range of available appliances.


Contact us to discuss your time synchronisation requirements further.





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