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Fingerprint biometric is the most popular form of biometric recognition system today, with many people now familiar with the technology after gaining widespread adoption on laptops, mobile phones, and tablets for security verification. 

Recent advances in technology have improved fingerprint readability even where there is damage or abrasion to the fingerprint. Anti-spoofing technology detects live finger and rejects latex, silicone, gelatine, film, and other fakes.

Most biometric terminals allow users to enrol multiple fingerprints if, say, the index finger which is often used has become injured, allowing an alternative finger to be used. The enrolment process generally consists of placing the fingertip multiple times onto the sensor to allow the extraction of the best image. The terminals display a scoring factor on-screen during the enrolment so that a reliable imprint is taken. Some devices also offer an on-screen image to improve the enrolment process and subsequent usage.

The application software retrieves the fingerprint data which is stored in the application database. Where there is more than one terminal the fingerprint template details can be sent directly to other terminals thereby obviating the need to enrol at each terminal.
No images or human-readable information relating to an individual’s fingerprint are stored. The reader produces an encrypted mathematical code representing the fingerprint.



Can be used in verification or identification modes

Can also be deployed with door Access Control solution

Up to 3000 templates and 100,000 Transactions per terminal

Easy and intuitive enrolment process

Economic solution with terminals available for less than £400

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