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Radio Frequency ID cards – RFID – are ubiquitous today and used in billions of transactions each day across the globe. The technology is found in Smart Cards such as debit/credit cards, Oyster and loyalty cards. Some are simple pre-programmed read-only cards whilst others are Read/Write allowing the cards to store money and security biometric information for example. The HiD iCLASS SE® card is available for high-security access control situations such as airports, military bases and research laboratories. 

Our range of terminals offers various RFID type configurations to suit the users’ requirements.  

Where multi-purpose single card usage is required for mixed applications such as Time & Attendance, Access Control, Vending, Canteen, and Photocopier/Printer control the MiFare® card offers a compelling economic solution. 

Some RFID cards are available with two technologies embedded to either aid transition to a higher standard or where multiple applications make this necessary. 

Users find RFID the most convenient security credential method available today. 



Fast throuoghput

No Biometric Data involved

Secure ad robust technology

Easy to use/adapt to

Non-touch registration possible

Multi-purpose use for canteen, vending, photocopiers, PC security, door access, clocking etc

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