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Vaccination Passport scanner

 Recently, due to the ravages of COVID-19, in order to ensure human safety, many countries have introduced different QR codes, most of which contain personal information and vaccination status. Our terminal can scan these codes.

Individuals measure their temperature at the device, then show the Digital COVID certificate for verification. After the successful check-in, they may pass. (Or a barrier/gate will be released if terminal is interlinked with Access Control).

Compact, elegantly designed, performing fast vaccination code checks and temperature measurement. Can be used in standalone mode or else connected to an Access Control system. When used in conjunction with AxessTMC clocking terminals (X3 or higher), the terminal can deny staff from booking IN or OUT. This integrated solution offers managers to receive an alert via email when an employee has presents with an abnormal temperature. 


The Digital COVID Certificate contains a QR code with a digital signature to protect it against falsification, the device can scan this QR Code and selectively pass. 

Device gives a clear indication of valid/invalid code.

Please Contact Us if you would like a demo, or are looking to purchase.

Scan codes from multiple countries

We have 12 years of experience with this technology

Fast temperature reading ~ 1

Face recognition for Access Control

Easy to install – small formfactors

Can deteck mask

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