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Measuring performance and activity on the shop floor is critical in any manufacturing or other production environment. Without access to accurately recorded production data managers will not be able to properly assess workplace performance, task progress, downtime and schedule deliverability. Collecting accurate data is key to understanding costs and component profitability.


ZenithWFM Web Job Costing alongside touch screen booking terminals provides a robust and reliable means to collect and report on time expended on tasks in real time.

On Premises

Job data captured at the point of activity reduces administration costs by removing the need to use and process job recording timesheets. Data capture methods including; handheld barcode/RFID scanners, fixed mounted data capture terminals or PC terminals.


ZenithWFM Web Job Costing module enables you to evaluate, at any given time, work hour utilization per task/project to ensure that the company maintains its profitability objectives.



Create activities/projects and centres easily

Provides analysis and reports

Maximise profit

Track productivity/efficiency

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