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Time and Attendance

Make manual processes a thing of the past!

Organizations of all types and sizes use computerised Time and Attendance systems to record when employees, contract or agency staff are attending for work. All attendance, absences, work time infringements and overtime are easily managed within our comprehensive T&A solution.

Optimising the use of available staff through scheduling can bring significant savings to any organisation.

On Premises

ZenithTIME.Net a traditional desktop windows application.


ZenithWFM Web Suite is a cloud hosted web browser service. Offers advantages over traditional desktop solutions including ‘Any Device, Anywhere Access’, zero footprint installation and simple client IT infrastructure requirements.

Control Overtime

Prevent overtime payments unless authorised, plan overtime using the roster screen to schedule agreed shift and edit actual work hours to be paid.

Track holidays and sick entitlements 

Detailed reporting on all aspects of attendance, absence and overtime. The system allocates, collects, analyses, and calculates work hours by Contract/Job for the purpose of cost calculation and transfer to the payroll or ERP system. Costs are calculated based on attendance and allows comparison between planned and actual.

Reduce payroll reduction effort

With easy to amend results screen, comprehensive reporting and payroll exports, payroll administrators are able to spend less time on the low value tasks and more time on analysis.

Full Control of employee working hours

Reduce over-payments, under-payments, deviation from company pay policy

Manual processes and back office costs reduced

Monitor Labour Law compliance, including the 'working time directive'

Reduce payroll fraud and time loss

Reduction in employee payroll dispute/queries

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