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Thermal Face® Range

The Thermal Face® Range of temperature measurement terminals provides a fast, non-contact automatic read of an individuals body temperature. These terminals are an invaluable means to perform fever checks on any individuals entering a building, site or other space. Identifying those individuals with a high body temperature helps in identifying illnesses and reduce the risk of disease contagion.


Infrared temperature monitoring cameras are widely used in airports and are proven in service. Our terminal solutions are simple to setup and use without any specific technical knowledge.

Designed from the ground up to be a robust and feature rich, capable of offering automated and accurate screening with an accuracy of ±0.5°C (0.3 metre). Can be used in conjunction with door access control solutions including Paxton Net2, Progeny and many others. It allows for users to be rejected access.


Impressive 10.1″ LCD Capacitive touch screen. Larger screen and touch capability. The touch screen allows greater flexibility in the use of the terminal for future applications.  Automated and accurate screening with an accuracy of ±0.5°C (0.3 metre) using a infra-red temperature sensor from Melexis of Belgium . Can be used in conjunction with door access control solutions. Allows for users to be rejected access..


Compact, elegantly designed, performing fast temperature measurement and optionally facial recognition. Can be used in standalone mode or else connected to an access control system. When used in conjunction with AxessTMC clocking terminals (X3 or higher), the ZTF-66 Thermal Face® can deny staff from booking IN or OUT. This integrated solution offers managers to receive an alert via email when an employee has presents with an abnormal temperature.


This is a 21.5″ Android powered advertising display with Face Temperature measurement and Sanitizer dispensing capability. It is fitted with an infra-red temperature sensor and camera that guides the user to position their face so that their forehead temperature can be read. Users presenting with an abnormal temperature will receive a visual and audible warning.
An automatic sanitizer dispenser is housed within the casing. Liquid and Gel can be dispensed with a warning issues via the Cloud platform when the reservoir is low.

Various CMS (Content Management System) options are available to pre-programme the messaging with content including pictures, video and live streamed content.


Users require no training, intuitive and screen guided

Users receive temperature reading with onscreen messaging

Support for face mask detection

Integral RFID reader

Fast temperature reading ~ 1

Face recognition for Access Control

Easy install – small formfactors

Choice of terminal mountings

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