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Workforce Management Solutions help businesses and companies maximise their workforce performance, to reach great efficiency in all areas. Essentially, making life easier not just for managers, but also for the staff.

There are different solutions for different industries, dependent on the sector they operate in. For example, Emergency Roll call would be prioritised in a Factory, compared to a corporate setting. At Zenith, we have experience in the following solutions:

  • Access Control
  • Job Costing
  • Time and Attendance
  • Emergency Roll Call

The current situation with the pandemic has left many companies feeling the need to search for workforce solutions in regards to safety. Therefore, we launched our Thermal Face® range. It consists of face recognition temperature measurement terminals which provide a fast, non-contact automatic read of an individuals body temperature. You can perform fever checks on any individuals entering a building, site or other space to avoid the risk of contagion. They all support face mask detection.

Below is our most popular terminal, the ZTF-84 on a floor stand.

Our terminals can be used in conjunction with access control systems allowing for users to be rejected access. Some solutions offer manager to receive an alert via email when this happens. The integration and versatility of these terminals is what makes them unique. They are also easy to set up and use without any specific technical knowledge.
Our terminals are mostly used in: Hospitals/Clinics, Factories, Offices, Public Buildings, Schools/Colleges/Universities, Cinemas, Shops, Offices, Transport Hubs, Construction Sites etc.

However, some terminals suit certain industries better. For example, our ZTF-215 terminal is an advertising display with Face Temperature measurement and Sanitizer dispensing capability. Various CMS (Content Management System) options are available to pre-programme the messaging with content including pictures, video and live-streamed content. This can be extremely efficient in a busy environment where you can advertise information and increase reach.

Installing new solutions or having to change existing ones can seem like a daunting task and a big investment. Therefore, choosing the right company is always beneficial to maximise your ROI. You need someone with experience, great customer support and reliable technology for a peace of mind.

At Zenith, we understand this and offer UK remote support, giving us the ability to remotely connect to the devices to alter any settings or answer any questions. It also allows us to instantly see issues for ourselves without the need to wait for an engineer to attend site. Support also extends the manufacturer warranty if there were any defects outside of warranty.

Most importantly, all our solutions are available as cloud-based so they can be scaled rapidly and provide you with access from anywhere, anytime. Saving you time, money and stress!

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