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We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many aspects of our lives. Moving forward, statistics are indicating things will not go back to “normal”, especially the changes in organisational structures within companies.
The effects have demonstrated that the companies which survived the pandemic were already thriving digitally. The same notion can be applied to the workforce systems companies operate on. Successful organisations have realised that in order to thrive as a business, workforce systems must also be updated to the current digital technology.

We aim to make the workplace less stressful for you, by providing you with the latest technology so you and your workforce can get back to work with ease.

Why is a workforce management system needed?

The landscapes of workplaces have been altered since remote working became the new norm. A study conducted by Boston Consulting Group revealed that 67% of those working remotely since lockdown wish to split their time between the physical workplace and home working in the future.

Therefore, a flexible and reliable system is needed to accommodate these requirements. With traditional systems, it is difficult to manage the time and attendance of employees due to limited accessibility to the system.
Furthermore, as administrative work is increased due to the hybrid model, the risk of existing human error also increases. This can cause employees to be underpaid/overpaid. Ultimately, costing your business more time, money and resources. 

If hybrid working ends up being the future, businesses must evolve to meet the requirements of the employees in the changing world. Although this sounds great in theory, it requires a lot of work to execute successfully. There has to be a shift from the usual workforce solutions to those that can be accessible for all, so a solid foundation with dependable devices, protected software and remote support. 

How can we make workforce management less stressful for you?

We provide leading Cloud technology Workforce Management solutions, hosted on Europe’s largest data centre provider. This can be scaled rapidly across different geographic centres for maximum security and uptime. With the advent of cloud-based personal apps, many traditional business desktop solutions are moving to this system.

Our ZenithWFM app gives you the flexibility of accessing the software via any web browser device, from anywhere, anytime. This gives peace of mind to field-based workers and remote workers. With the ability to run on iOS and Android devices, the App must be able to combine the data captured with technology such as geofencing and QR codes which will ensure that employees are in the right location to perform specific actions. This will ensure a business can efficiently monitor and manage the productivity of their workforce in real-time, and provide individual employees with the convenience of clocking in and out, submitting expense claims and performing a host of important functions via their mobile devices.

The ZenithWFM app

Whether hybrid working will become the future, only time can tell. However, there will definitely be a rise in remote working. Our system is designed to make your life easier as well as help increase profitability by using minimum time and resources. All solutions will be tailored to your individual business requirements, delivering real-world ROI (Return on Investment).

Contact Us for any advice on our solutions and we can help you find the right one for your business.

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