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Moving towards the future, businesses need to recognise the importance of the current fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) and innovate accordingly.
What is it? Integration of new technologies, including Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud computing and analytics, and AI and Machine learning (IBM). This economy is driven by the convergence of IT and OT (Operational Technology). By increasing automation and the employment of smart machines and smart factories, informed data helps to produce goods more efficiently and productively across the value chain.


Also described as the cornerstone of this industry strategy, as it allows for the integration of engineering, supply chain, production, sales and distribution, and service. As large amounts of data can be stored cost-effectively, it helps reduce start-up costs for businesses. Here are some other benefits:

  1. Lowers IT costs – eliminates the need for an on-site IT infrastructure or team.
  2. Improves agility – organisations can use applications quickly, from anywhere and not wait around for IT support.
  3. Scale rapidly and easily – Cloud provides elasticity, allowing you to scale capacity according to traffic.

With the advent of cloud-based personal apps, many traditional business desktop solutions are moving to the Cloud ecosystem. Although on-premise is preferred for some businesses, many are now crippled by inefficient equipment and time-consuming practices, which has a negative effect on long-term financial goals. 

Our software supports your business needs, automating manual processes to increase efficiency. The business potential of the 4th industrial revolution lies not only in operational process optimisation but also in its services for a wide range of applications.

Our Time and Attendance Dashboard and ZenithWFM App.

ROI (return on Investment)

Research conducted by Nuclues highlights that for every dollar invested, there is a £12.00 return, due to the following reasons:

  1. Labour optimization. By optimizing labour scheduling, organizations are able to reduce their total payroll spend by more than 5% on average. Organizations can leverage analytics to reduce labour costs by configuring optimal shift lengths, defining overtime governors/limits, and providing real-time visibility into actual labour versus planned labour.
  1. Schedule Automation. Although varying by industry, managers can spend a significant portion of their time creating employee work schedules. Automated scheduling can reduce this time by an average of 75%. In addition, manual scheduling often leads to increased labour costs by 3 to 6% due to unintentional schedule padding.
  1. Reduced Employee Turnover. Organizations that deploy modern WFM solutions we’re able to recruit and retain better-targeted employees and provide a greater level of service to these employees. Analytics helped identify trends in hiring and turnover, allowing organizations to address problem areas and adjust hiring practices. The result was an overall increase in employee satisfaction and a reduction in employee turnover ranging from 30 to 60%.
  1. Employee and Manager Self-Service. With mobile self-service, employees can request changes to their schedules through a mobile application, as opposed to filling out paper forms and calendars. A mobile app also means that managers no longer have to fill schedules by cold-calling employees to check availability or willingness to work extra shifts, saving the average manager 15 minutes per week.


Our solution provides for anywhere/any device access where an internet web browser is available. It is unique in the UK in that it requires zero component install on any device. Advanced features include Notifications, Workflow and configurable Employee Self Service.

We operate on a ‘Software as a Service’ basis with annual subscription billing to reduce your Capex outflow. Easy license upgrades/downgrades to allow flexing with your business activity levels such as seasonal workers. Giving you other benefits such as Automatic upgrades and protection from data loss.

To learn more about how we an help your business succeed in this new industry, and to save money and time, contact us today!

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